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Fluid Trend Analysis 2000 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost justification for my investment in FTA2000?

A. Your initial investment to license the product includes everything from on-site installation and data conversion assistance to maintenance/support issues and version upgrades for the first year. We are constantly improving upon and adding features to help enhance FTA2000 to help it be the most effective LIMS solution on the market today. After the initial year the maintenance/support agreement fee is an annual fee which includes technical support and upgrades and also qualifies you to subscribe to our SampleResults.com Website.

Q. What does my investment in FTA2000 include?

A. Below is a list of what is included with your initial investment in FTA2000:

On-site installation/conversion - much of work is done up front and the conversion usually takes place during the weekend. After the conversion, testing of the data is done to ensure integrity. Monday morning the lab is up and running on FTA2000.
On-site training - MerrillSoft will remain on site for 3-4 days to train and answer questions for the lab staff.
Tester Interfaces - 3 custom tester interfaces are written for your specific testers to allow for automatic data transmission from your testers to FTA2000.
First year Maintenance/Support - Your first year maintenance and support is covered with your initial license purchase. After the initial year, the maintenance/support agreement is billed on an annual basis.
Version Upgrades - all upgrades during your first year are included in your initial investment. After the first year, the maintenance/support agreement covers this.
Website Access - With your license purchase of FTA2000 you are qualified to subscribe to our SampleResults.com Website which gives your internal and external customers the ability to review/print sample history, equipment information, job site information, valid compartments for each make & model, and fleet overview. Customers also have the ability to pre-register their samples, export any of their data to one of several different common formats, and they can reproduce Trend Analysis reports from any specific machine or for all compartments on a specific machine in their fleet.
Your Suggestions Are Important - Not only do we accept and listen to ideas and enhancement suggestions from our customers but we actually solicit them. MerrillSoft knows and understands that you know what you like and what you want to see in the product. We are constantly improving FTA2000 and encourage our customers to provide suggestions for enhancements that they feel would help them become more efficient.

Q. Can my existing data be converted from my M&I I system to FTA2000?

A. MerrillSoft has successfully converted data from other systems including M&I I and imported it into FTA2000 at the conversion time. The conversion programs are written and tested before the conversion date to help ease the transition.

Q. What can I expect with my Maintenance/Support agreement?

A. With your Maintenance/Support Agreement you will receive a guaranteed response within 4 hours of your call; typically you will be contacted within 1 hour. We take pride in our ability to deliver timely customer and maintenance support for all our products. Along with the guaranteed response time, you will receive version upgrades and assistance if needed for installing the upgrades.

Q. When do I need to purchase an Additional Lab license for FTA2000?

A. If you process samples for one or more labs other than the main lab; you need an additional license. This additional license gives you the ability to email a PDF file of all trend analysis reports for that lab today or just the trend analysis reports that are to be mailed. With the Additional Lab license you can separate one labs' customers from the main labs' customers on the SampleResults.com Website. This means that when a customer that belongs to Lab2 logs into the website, it's appearance changes to Lab2.  The main lab has access to all the labs information while the Additional Labs are limited to their specific customers and information.

Q. Do I need to pay the Maintenance/Support Agreement for each Additional Lab license I purchase?

A. No, the Maintenance/Support Agreement fee is paid annually for the main lab only and covers all additional labs as well.

Q. Does FTA2000 interface with DBS?

A. Currently FTA2000 can export its' data in several formats. FTA2000 v3.0 already has the hooks in it and we are now currently working on developing the export features specific to DBS.

Q. What is Report Spoofing?

A. Report spoofing allows you to print trend reports that you have processed for other entities with their company name and logo information on the report. Let's say you process samples for a large oil company and they send the reports to their customers. They would like to have their name and logo appear on the reports that they send to their customer; therefore, you are invisible to their customers.

Q. Can any tester equipment interface with FTA2000?

A. As long as the tester has a method to save or transmit its' data in ACSII, we can write the interface module for the tester to interface automatically with FTA2000.

Q. Can FTA2000 handle multiple users without adversely impacting performance?

A. We have never seen or heard of any complaints, a typical lab has 2-3 lab staff using the system at the same time. Internal and External user access is diverted to SampleResults.com . Therefore only the lab staff actually access the live FTA2000 databases. FTA2000 was developed for speed, reliability and multi-user capability.

Q. Does FTA2000 have wear tables or the ability to build wear tables?

A. FTA2000 v4.0 does have integrated user definable wear tables which can be very general by make and model or very specific by customer, serial 3 or serial # range. Wear Tables also incorporate optional interpretation based on wear levels in the Normal, reportable or Critical ranges.

Q. Does FTA2000 provide any graphing capabilities?

A. Yes, the lab staff (via FTA200) , internal customers and external customers (via the Internet)  are capable of graphing. 

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